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Healing ‘Leaf’ – A Film About Raw Cannabis Juice


Raw THCa is Not Psychoactive: It Is a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Medicine.

US Dept of Justice: “In Strict Medical Terms, Marijuana Is Far Safer than Many of the Foods We Consume”

The most important thing to note here is that the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis are available when it is consumed raw and unheated. Burning or heating cannabis converts THC acid (THCa) into THC, which has psychoactive effects.

The treatment using raw cannabis juice is non-psychoactive, therefore enabling doses of 600mg (without resulting in unconsciousness) and the effects of the full medicinal properties of the phyto-cannabinoids.

For more information visit the Cannabis International Foundation

Not all marijuana is the same…and that’s a fact!

By Ernie Cefalu

“I was a Recreational Marijuana user for over 40 years and for the last three years, a Medical Marijuana Patient. So what’s the difference? More importantly, where did I draw the distinction and realize the exact benefits of each?”

For decades I’ve heard all about how all Marijuana is the same, its weed, you smoke it, get high and become a munchies craving couch potato.

Not always so!

I was in Art College when I first started using Marijuana in the 60’s. It was very accepted not only among my peers but by some teachers as well. Even though the intent was mainly recreational and social, the creative opening it provided was… astronomical!

not-all-marijuana-is-the-same-01Image Courtesy of Smokers High Life

Since college, Marijuana has always delivered great results for me in the out-of-the-box creative ability, as well as in the relaxation, appetite and sleep departments. The medical benefit I was experiencing was not even a “value-added” solution for me until almost 50 years later when stress, and physical issues started rearing their ugly heads.

I’ve been in the advertising business my whole career. It is very intense – working for Fortune 50 companies is a lot like doing an emotional, creative and physical swan dive into a meat grinder!

About 14 years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer due to work related stress and anxiety. I tried various prescription medications that my surgeon prescribed, but to my dismay I became a complete drooling, babbling non-productive individual.

I found that my standard issue marijuana actually worked better than my prescription medications, without the mind-dulling side effects.

Then 3 years ago I was diagnosed with hip calcification and joint degeneration. I was in pain every waking minute of every day. That’s when a friend suggested I get my medical card and go to a collective to seek out stronger strains than the ones I could acquire from my current supplier. My friend explained the major breakthroughs in the medical solutions that marijuana provides and seemed certain it would be the answer I was looking for.

I had been hesitant about getting a card because of growing up in the 60’s – we didn’t trust anything like that, along with anyone over 30!

But as my dilemma became more pronounced I threw caution to the wind and got my card. I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that my first time at a collective I felt like a kid in a candy store… I wanted everything!


I spoke with the bud-tender, who was very helpful in directing me to what would address my specific personal needs. Eatables were the answer, and my results were amazing.

Needless to say, medical marijuana is still my choice over prescription alternatives offered by conventional medicine. This miracle herb delivers what I need, when I need it, and it always works immediately… every time. Also, my relief comes without any adverse side effects.

I can say without reservation that through all those years of my recreational use, I was getting a medical benefit that I wasn’t even aware of at the time.

Everyday there are new findings about the medical benefits of marijuana and its stellar results. The numbers of patients who find relief and a better lifestyle are growing and …. minds are changing.

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