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Inner Chi


Inner-Chi is a Hybrid Sativa strain created from a female Larry OG mother plant and an OG Kush male that was originated by our King Klone Brand Genetics Team.

The Larry cut is a renowned Southern California OG clone which is known for having a greater, more distinct sativa effect than many of its other OG counterparts. Like it’s mother Larry OG, Inner-Chi will produce small thin branches, which will grow straight up and not out to the sides, making this strain more productive and easier to grow.

The nuggets are bigger, denser, and mildly sticky, but still grinds up very well. A hint of pine aroma coupled with a heavy jolt of citrus-fuel, this outstanding strain won the 2nd Place for Best Indica at the HempCon 2015 Medical Cannabis Cup in San Jose.

Whether vaped or rolled in a joint, this amazing strain provides laser-like focus and will greatly assist productivity and getting work done.

Available in: KLONES



Relaxation of all the muscles and relief from chronic stomach pain and anxiety.



Blu Hybrid Sativa – 70% Sativa, 30% Indica Larry Kush x OG Kush
Specs Outdoor Indoor
Height 6’ – 8’ 5’ – 6’
Flowering 8 – 9 weeks 8 – 9 weeks
Start Date June 1 (Veg) 2 – 4 weeks
Finish Date Oct 1 10 – 13 Total weeks
Yield Up to 5 lbs/plant Up to 4 lbs/1000w
THC Up to 23% Up to 23%
CBD 0.36% 0.33%

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2nd Place Best Sativa at the 2015 HempCon Medical Cannabis Cup in San Jose

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Inner Chi

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Straight Larry OG lemon fuel, tall like real master kush but that real deal funk!!

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