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Purple Dream

BLU-PURPD<p style=color:#02b5ff>Purple Dream</p>

This exclusive Hybrid strain is what our patients call “Pure Purple Heaven” and is a round-trip ticket to paradise…All Aboard!


BLU-PURPD (Purple Dream) is our new strain. It was bred for the heavy indica effect of the GDP with the high yielding gene of the Blue Dream. This strain is sure to please any patient that is looking for an indica dominate, high yielding strain. This masterpiece was created using our Blue Dream Clone and the proven GDP male.

This ultra dense plant is covered with resinous trichome. Its yellow orange hair glows against the purplish tent leaves.

Available in: SEEDS


Pain management, muscle relaxation, and sleep.



BLU Hybrid – 60% Sativa, 40% Indica Blue Dream x GrandDaddy Purple
Specs Outdoor Indoor
Height 6’ – 8’ 4’ – 6’
Flowering 8 – 10 weeks 8 – 10 weeks
Start Date June 1 (Veg) 2 – 4 weeks
Finish Date Oct 1 10 – 14 Total weeks
Yield Up to 8 lbs/plant Up to 3.6 lbs/1000w
THC Up to 22% Up to 22%
CBD 0.64% 0.64%
CBN 0.07% 0.07%

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Purple Dream



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