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IntelliSOIL™ Organic Soil Mix

Pensar Science is proud to announce the launch of our new Advanced BLU Organic Soil Mix “IntelliSOIL™”. This Advanced BLU Organic Soil Mix can be used in conjunction with IntelliGROW™, IntelliBLOOM™, IntelliBOOST™, and all Advanced BLU Genetics including our award-winners

IntelliSOIL™ combines 17 different organic ingredients, which allows for perfect drainage and water retention for your plants.

From our premium organic worm casting, organic compost, and processed forest products, to our proprietary mineral amendments, Advanced BLU Organic Soil Mix represents the best available ingredients with the highest quality production and supreme quality assurance control measures.

IntelliSOIL™ contains no bloodmeal, urea or other synthetic chemicals.


Simply plant directly in Advanced Blu Organic Soil Mix and water. Make sure water is PH 6.1-6.3 and water temperature is 70-71 degrees. Formulated to work in conjunction with Advanced Blu Genetics and all Advanced Blu Products. When planting or transplanting outdoors, remove the dirt from the desired planting location and place IntelliSOIL™ in the bottom of the hole up to a 2-inch depth. Place your plant in the hole and fill the remainder with IntelliSOIL™. Water thoroughly.

Trees and Shrubs: When planting or transplanting trees and shrubs after the dirt has been removed from the desired planting location, place Heritage Organics™ Garden Mix in the bottom of the hole to a 2 inch depth. Place your plant in hole and fill remainder with blend. Water thoroughly.


Coco Coir, Peat Moss, Forest Products, Perlite, Rice Hulls, Pumice, Lava Rock, Worm Castings, Humic Acid from Humic Shale Ore, Bat Guano, Greensand, Soy Meal, Gypsum, Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Dolomite Lime (for PH adjustment), and Azomite

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